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Rocha Main Floor Renovation - Hamilton, Ontario

Project type

Main Floor Renovation




Hamilton, ontario

From demolition to finishing touches, we left no stone unturned to create a modern, functional, and seamless living space. Our team expertly handled load-bearing wall removal, framing, insulation, and flawless drywall installation with precise taping and mudding. We brought the space to life with a fresh coat of paint that complements your style.

In this renovation, we also added a brand-new laundry room and powder room on the main floor for convenience. The stunning new engineered hardwood flooring enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space, while the fireplace refinishing adds warmth and character. Our kitchen cabinet installation and backsplash work showcase our attention to detail.

For a brighter, more open feel, we removed a window and replaced it with a patio door, opening up to a beautiful deck. We even relocated basement access for improved functionality. Inside, we exposed and painted the interior brick wall, giving it a contemporary twist. And let's not forget the exterior work – we installed a new fence and deck to elevate your outdoor living experience.

Perhaps the most significant change was unifying this house into one unit, eliminating separate units and staircases for a more cohesive living space. If you're looking for a professional renovation that combines style, functionality, and a touch of innovation, look no further. We've taken this space from divided to united, and the results speak for themselves."

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