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Rocha Main Floor Renovation - Waterdown, Ontario

Project type

Main Floor Renovation




Waterdown, Ontario

In our recent main floor renovation project in Waterdown, we transformed the living space by expertly addressing various aspects. Our skilled team commenced with the removal of old, outdated flooring, carpentry elements, and kitchen cabinets, making way for a fresh, modern look. We then elevated the aesthetics and functionality of the space by installing stunning new hardwood flooring throughout the main floor. The heart of the home, the kitchen, received a complete makeover with the installation of brand-new kitchen cabinets and a stylish backsplash. To complete the kitchen transformation, we seamlessly integrated top-notch appliances, ensuring a seamless and efficient cooking environment. Furthermore, we meticulously conducted drywall repairs, leaving no imperfections behind. In the bathroom and back entrance area, we showcased our tile installation expertise, adding a touch of elegance with beautiful, durable tiles on the floor. This main floor renovation in Waterdown has truly revitalized the space, delivering both style and functionality. If you're considering a home renovation project, contact us to discuss how we can transform your living space to meet your needs and preferences.

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