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Project Assessment


Let's discuss your project vision, inform project details, and streamline the process, relying on our experience to guide you.

Our 3-stage process begins with an assessment of your construction project. Rocha Construction & Renovations will visit with you in your home to discuss your initial vision, dreams, and ideas. The assessment helps to help you understand project timelines, costs, and how your project will be organized and finalized. To prepare for our initial assessment and planning phase we suggest you create a storyboard with digital photos, magazines, or on Pinterest. At this time, organize your ideas and concepts so the assessment will go smoothly. Nothing is perfect so don’t worry if it’s not perfect, we have enough construction and renovation experience to help guide your process.  

Every great renovation starts with a concrete plan

Estimates and varying numbers can be confusing and overwhelming to a homeowner when trying to compare against various vendors. Pricing can be complex based on details, finishing, materials, and time. Sometimes estimates overrun because of the cost of goods. Doing an assessment with Rocha Construction & Renovations helps our clients navigate the sometimes complex estimating process. We stand behind our estimates and are truly transparent when it comes to managing our projects and costs. We provide answers to all your questions and provide details to questions you may not even have about your renovation project. This helps with any future setbacks, time restraints, budgeting, and finishing options.

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