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Project Management 


Project Management may be the most important part of the entire process.

Renovation and construction projects are extremely involved projects from both sides. There are multiple important decisions that the project owner will have to make, from start to project completion. We understand how complex these decisions are and Rocha will help guide you to make the correct ones. Rocha Construction & Renovation will always be on call to answer your questions and concerns about your project. 

Documentation & Messaging

Our project will have a combination of multiple documents such as contracts, PDF’s, 3D renderings and material/construction specifications. We offer our clients a private Dropbox with access to these documents for ease of view. Every project will have many documents including PDFs of contracts, plans, 3D Renderings, and material specifications. We keep all this information in one place and available online to our clients. These documents are easily accessible to you at any times for reference or edits. that is used by everyone. This helps keep communication documents in one place so correspondence is easy to find. We are also available by text, email and Whatsapp. 

Material, Product and Finishing Selections


This phase is the most fun but can be the most overwhelming. There are infinite options when choosing materials, products and finalizing finishing choices. Rocha Construction & Renovation keeps a comprehensive approach to managing the process. We have a running material/finishing list to help keep the project on track. With our experience we can help you make some of these decisions.  

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